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UFC Recognises Informed Sport as an Accredited Certification Agency

UFC Informed Sport

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) recently revised their Anti-Doping Policy to recognise multiple banned substance testing and certification programmes, including Informed Sport. This change was made to help protect UFC athletes from doping charges due to inadvertent contamination. Athletes will be directed to only take supplements certified by one of the accredited agencies. According to the statement released by UFC, if an athlete tests positive from a certified supplement, they will not be sanctioned. The recognition is a huge step for Informed Sport and our mission to keep sport clean and protect brands and athletes from around the globe.

This news coincides with Informed Sport’s mission to keep sport clean. Within the past year, Informed Sport was also recognised as a Charter Sponsor of the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association (CPSDA). Using these relationships with the CPSDA and now the UFC, Informed Sport hopes to educate athletes and dietitians of the risks associated with supplement use and the importance of banned substance testing.   

Informed Sport’s Director of Business Development, Paul Klinger, said this about the UFC’s updated anti-doping policy: “Inadvertent doping due to supplement contamination remains a major issue in the world of elite sport. With Informed Sport, athletes can choose from over 1,000 different supplements from around the globe. This allows all athletes to find certified supplements even if they are training away from home and to safeguard their reputation and careers.”

Informed Sport is the only global testing and certification programme that tests every single batch of a product prior to it being released to market. Brands and athletes can trust that all products certified Informed Sport have been robustly tested and are safer for use. The Informed Sport programme has products tested and certified available in over 60 countries around the world allowing athletes ease when searching for safer supplements. All certified products, their tested batch numbers, and date of testing are listed on Informed Sport recommends an athlete always confirms their batch numbers on the website.

Informed Sport. We Test. You Trust.  

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