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We regularly read news stories of an athlete getting suspended due to testing positive for a banned substance. This results in playing time, income and professional dreams being tarnished. Many times, the athlete(s) in question were supplied supplements that either contained a banned substance or were inadvertently contaminated. To protect your career, reputation and income, it’s vital to know everything you put into your body, including supplements.

Informed Sport is the only global banned substance testing and supplement certification programme that tests every single batch of a product before it's released to market. When you see the Informed Sport logo or on-pack descriptor on product packaging, you can be assured it has been robustly tested. To confirm your exact product has been tested, be sure to search for the batch number on our website. 


As an athlete, it is your responsibility to know what is in the supplements you're ingesting. Contamination can occur by way of ingredients, manufacturing and during the supply chain.

Sources of Contamination - Informed Sport


On our product search page, you can search by batch/lot number, brand name, formulation, region, and supplement goal so you can easily find the right tested and certified supplement products for you.


To further understand banned substance contamination and the risks of inadvertent doping download our new comprehensive Supplement Safety Guide. The Supplement Safety Guide is an educational resource that details common forms of contamination, prohibited substance side effects, risks to athletes and the importance of choosing a banned substance tested product.


Informed Sport. Your Reputation is our Business.


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