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Beet It - Beet It Sport Nitrate 3000

Beet It Sport Nitrate 3000

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  • Ingredients: Concentrated Beetroot Juice (100%)
  • Directions: Consume 1 or 2 servings one to three hours before training and for up to six days before competition
  • Each 250ml bottle contains 7.5 servings (7.5 x 400mg = 3,000mg), so you can use 35-70ml of Nitrate 3000 as the equivalent dose to 1 to 2 Nitrate 400 shots.
  • Dilute each serving with 150ml water; alternatively, add to a smoothie or yoghurt, or mix with muesli or oats

Batches with multiple dates listed as the 'Batch Id' below have had extended stability added to some units. Please check the product packaging to confirm that one of the best before/use by dates is listed below. Where multiple best before/use by dates are applied to a single batch, only the longest date is shown in the 'Batch Expiration' column.

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Batch ID Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date Sort ascending
03.03.23 Natural 03 March 2023 21 September 2021
11.11.22 Natural 11 November 2022 02 June 2021
31.10.21/28.02.22/30.06.22 Natural 30 June 2022 17 October 2020
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