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Providing Assurance for Japanese Supplement Brands

Providing Assurance for Japanese Supplement Brands

At Informed Sport, we understand the importance of providing assurance for Japanese supplement brands. With so many supplements on the market and a variety of emerging ingredients, it is increasingly difficult to ensure the safety and quality of your products. ISO 17025 accredited standards from Informed Sport give customers peace of mind by testing sports supplements extensively – eliminating risks associated with any potentially contaminated or banned substances. We are proud to partner with Japanese supplements in order to provide world-leading protection for athletes and enhanced transparency for customers.

Introducing Informed Sport - The Global Banned Substance Testing Programme

In today's competitive market, sports supplement brands must take every step possible to ensure their products are of the highest quality and take necessary precautions to reduce the risk of products being inadvertently contaminated with banned substances. That's where Informed Sport steps in - as a global banned substance testing programme, we offer supplement brands the peace of mind they need to confidently sell products without the fear of negative publicity from any banned substances found. With a rigorous testing process and a team of experts backed by 55+ years of anti-doping experience, Informed Sport ensures that sports supplement brands are meeting the highest standards of quality control. By certifying with Informed Sport, brands can maintain a competitive edge in their industry, gain customer trust, and ensure they are providing their customers with quality products.

Overview of Current Regulations for Japanese Supplement Brands

In recent years, Japan has been increasing its regulations on supplement brands, and it can be difficult to keep track of the current standards. However, it is important for businesses in the supplement industry to stay informed and comply with these regulations in order to ensure the safety and quality of their products. The Japanese regulations cover a range of areas, including labelling, ingredients, and manufacturing processes. Additionally, there are specific requirements for supplements targeted towards different age groups and health concerns. While navigating these regulations may seem daunting, staying up-to-date is crucial for success in the Japan supplement market.

Using ISO 17025 Accredited Methods to Test Supplements

As the supplement industry continues to grow and evolve, it becomes increasingly important to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the products being sold. This is where ISO 17025 accredited methods come into play. Through rigorous evaluation and auditing, this accreditation provides a level of credibility and trust for laboratories conducting testing on supplements. By using these methods, sports supplement brands can rest assured that the results obtained are accurate and consistent, giving them a competitive edge in the market. As consumers become more educated and conscious of what they are putting into their bodies, brands that utilize ISO 17025 can differentiate themselves as leaders in the industry, committed to providing high-quality supplements that meet strict standards.

In summary, Informed Sport is a global banned substance testing programme that provides Japanese supplement brands with the tools they need to meet global certification standards and comply with local regulations. Supplement brands who join the Informed Sport programme can benefit from using ISO 17025 accredited methods to test their supplements, increasing transparency and trust among customers. Furthermore, obtaining certification with Informed Sport complies with industry regulations, allowing Japanese supplement companies to expand both domestically and globally in the marketplace. Becoming certified through Informed Sport will give you an edge over competitors and bring you closer to success! So what are you waiting for? Become certified today!

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