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iPRO Hydrate Holds Globally Recognised Informed Sport Certification

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Informed Sport certified products are sold in 127 countries around the globe. With this global presence and recognition, supplement brands that have products certified by Informed Sport can often utilise their certification to facilitate partnerships with sports teams, clubs and organisations.

iPRO Hydrate's healthy hydration drink, iPRO Hydrate - Sport Edition, is Informed Sport certified. As a demonstrator of the highest of quality assurance, iPRO has leveraged their Informed Sport certification to form long-lasting partnerships with several sports teams and clubs to provide with them banned-substance tested product including: 

Scottish Rugby, Irish FA and British Basketball, as well as Premier League calibre with West Ham United FC and Crystal Palace FC. iPRO also focuses on a wider range of elite sporting set ups such as London Pulse Netball and St. Helen's Rugby League. 

"Working with Informed Sport to ensure our iPRO Hydrate products are tested and certified is extremely important, as we strive for excellence when providing our healthy drinks to our wide range of partners. It is vital for the modern-day athlete to ensure that any product or supplement is tested and certified by a reputable third-party programme, like Informed Sport. iPRO's Informed Sport certification allows the players and teams we partner with to trust our product, and this is vital to creating long-standing, successful partnerships," said iPRO Partnerships an Operation Manager, Charlotte Taylor.

Informed Sport Certification 

Informed Sport is a global banned substance testing programme that tests every batch of a product before being sold. The presence of the Informed Sport quality mark on a product packaging demonstrates to athletes and consumers that every batch of a product has been tested for substances prohibited in sport and the product was made in an environment with quality systems appropriate for the stringent demands of sports nutrition manufacturing. 

All sports nutrition supplements certified by Informed Sport undergo a rigorous pre and post-certification process, consisting of four stages:

  1. Product and manufacturing review
  2. Pre-certification sample testing 
  3. Product certification, logo use and web listing 
  4. Post-certification requirements and testing 

All certified products are tested using ISO 17025 accredited methods. Post-certification requirements include blind sampling to confirm the integrity of a product and regularly re-reviewing the manufacturing facility used to produce the product to ensure high standards are met across all areas.

Informed Sport currently tests over 22,000 samples for 250+ substances prohibited in sport per year. 

About iPRO

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iPRO use only the highest quality ingredients, sourced responsibly avoiding the use of all artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours. All packaging materials are 100% recyclable and made using recycled materials with ambitions to reach 75% recycled materials in 2021. The iPRO Hydrate range of drinks is refreshing, coloured by nature and sweetened from natural sources without added sugar.

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