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Informed Sport in the News - June 2022

Informed Sport News - June 2022

Informed Sport certified brands announce new product certification and branding in June's news recap. 


Unleashed Performance Announces Informed Sport Certification

Unleashed Performance - Informed Sport News


Unleashed Performance has announced its Informed Sport certification for its most popular product ranges. 

Certification includes Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate, Plant Protein, and Electrolyte+ ranges.

Our products already undergo rigorous testing and quality control but this certification adds another level to the quality assurance of our premium sports nutrition products,” says co-founder and head coach James Parker.




KT Health+ Announces New Informed Sport Certification

KT Health+ - Informed Sport News


KT Health+ announced its Informed Sport certification for its new product AIM

CEO & President Greg Venner said this about the new product, “Every day, millions of Americans may be impacted by the aches and pains associated with inflammation in the body. That’s why we teamed up with nutrition experts to create an everyday, great tasting drink mix support for a healthy inflammatory response."

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Kaged Muscle Unveils New Branding

Kaged Muscle - Informed Sport News


Kaged Muscle has unveiled its new branding, which officially launched in early 2022. 

The new branding was created to better align with their customer's health and fitness goals.

A part of this updated branding, Kaged has partnered with Ryan Crouser, an American Olympic Gold Medal winner and shot putter and discus thrower. 

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Grenade Wins at 2022 T3 Awards

grenade - Informed Sport News


Grenade's Carb Killa protein bar has won 'Best Sports Supplement or Snack' award at the 2022 T3 Awards. 

The T3 Awards showcase the best products and technology to people so that they can live smarter, better lives. 

Be sure to check out Grenade's other Informed Sport certified products


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