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Informed Sport in the News - July 2022

Informed Sport News - July 2022 - Header

Informed Sport certified brands were highlighted in 'best of' sports supplement lists and featured in notable publications in July's news recap. 


Informed Sport and Informed Choice Reccommended as Third-Party Certification Programmes 

Runners World - Informed Sport News


Informed Sport, along with Informed Choice, was recommended as a third-party certification programme in a recent Runner's World article. 

Titled The Best Protein Powder for Nutritional and Performance Needs, the article discusses what runners need and should look for in their protein supplements. 

Registered dietitian Jenna Braddock, C.S.S.D., advised runners to look for products that are tested by a third party, like Informed Sport. 



Ritual Protein Powder Featured in Forbes

Ritual - Informed Sport News - 2022

Forbes Health featured a review of Informed Sport certified Ritual Protein Powder

Outlining the benefits of taking protein, the article also highlighted the third-party testing all Ritual products undergo. 

The author commented that the ability to find her specific batch on the Informed Sport website was a rare level of transparency. 

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Informed Sport Certified Products Featured in Sports Illustrated List of Best Protein Powders of 2022

Sports Illustrated - Informed Sport News


Sports Illustrated included Informed Sport certified products in their list of the Best Protein Powders of 2022

Ascent Plant Protein

Kaged Muscle Micropure Whey Protein Isolate

Included in their reasoning for including the products on their list were their Informed Sport certification and the assurance third-party testing provides to consumers.

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NOW Foods Featured in WholeFoods Magazine

NOW Sports - Informed Sport News


WholeFoods Magazine featured a company profile on certified brand, NOW Foods.

Featured are the company and NOW Foods' mission of providing high-quality products to their customers. 

"Most NOW Sports products undergo third-party certification through Informed Sport, a globally recognized assurance programme that certifies that every batch of a supplement bearing the Informed Sport logo has been tested for banned substances by a world-class sports anti-doping lab."



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