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Informed Sport Named an Accepted Quality Certification Programme by Amazon

Informed Sport has been named an accepted quality certification programme by Amazon in the United States. 

In December 2020, the global online retailer updated the requirements associated with selling dietary supplements on the site. Supplement brands wishing to sell on Amazon must submit a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), high-quality product images and a letter of guarantee that confirms the product was manufactured to GMP standards and the ingredients stated on the product label are safe for consumption. However, as a key aspect of the new update, supplement brands with products certified by Informed Sport can submit proof of product certification instead of submitting a CoA and letter of guarantee. High-quality product images must still be submitted. 

Possible consequences of not meeting the new Amazon requirements can lead to: 

  • Removal of the relevant product listings

  • Suspend your ability to add new products and/or listing privileges

  • Withhold any payments due to you

  • Pursue legal action

For more information on Amazon’s seller requirements for dietary supplements, please click here

“Informed Sport being named an accepted quality certification programme by Amazon is excellent news for supplement brands with products certified by our global banned substance testing programme,” says Paul Klinger, Business Development Director of the INFORMED brands. “With their Informed Sport certification, brands have already fulfilled two of the three requirements sellers must meet before selling supplements on the site. This gives brands the ease of reaching more customers through one of the largest retail platforms and also contributes to the brand awareness of the Informed Sport programme.” 

Informed Sport is a global banned substance testing and certification programme for the sports nutrition industry. As many as one-in-ten supplements can be contaminated with substances prohibited in sport which is why Informed Sport tests every single batch of a product before being sold. All Informed Sport certified products are tested using ISO 17025 accredited methods and undergo a rigorous pre-certification and post-certification process.


As of February 2021, Informed Sport has certified over 1,400 unique products that are sold in over 127 countries

Informed Sport’s sister programme, Informed Choice, was also listed as an accepted quality certification programme. 

For more information on how to join the list of Informed Sport certified brands and to certify your supplement, be sure to contact us

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