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Safeguarding your reputation isn’t just for elite athletes, but also military personnel and special forces. Based on our testing and surveys, as many as 1-in-10 supplements can be contaminated with banned substances. Members of the active military are subject to strict anti-doping regulations and drug exams. By ingesting even small levels of a banned substance, the possibility of having a positive drug test exists. This could lead to being discharged and possibly prosecuted.

Currently, the British Armed Forces only recognise Informed Sport certified supplements. Protect your career and reputation with safer supplements tested and certified by Informed Sport.   

The military has a zero tolerance policy in regards to drug use. 

Ensure the supplements you’re taking are safer for use. As drug tested professionals, it is crucial to know what you consume. With the Informed Sport testing and certification programme, every single batch of a supplement product is tested prior to being sold. Simply look for our logo or on-pack descriptor on product packaging, along with searching for the specific batch/lot number on

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