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Informed Sport Introduces Mobile App

Informed Sport Introduces Mobile App

The Informed Sport mobile app offers multiple search options, including barcode scanning to allow users to find banned-substance tested sports nutrition products sold in more than 127 countries.

Global banned substance testing and certification programme Informed Sport announced today the launch of its first mobile app, available for iOS and Android. The free app allows athletes, drug-tested personnel, and supplement users to easily find Informed Sport tested and certified sports nutrition products through multiple search options, including product barcode scanning. With as many as one in ten sports nutrition products potentially containing a prohibited or harmful substance, finding safer products is vital for competitive athletes, military personnel, and those leading an active lifestyle supported by the use of supplements. 

A key feature of the app is the ability to search for certified products by scanning the UPC or EAN barcode found on the packaging. Users can scan the barcode of a product, and if the product is certified, it will populate the product page. On the product page, app users can view more details about the product, confirm batch/lot number to provide the certainty they have a tested supplement, and find links to purchase the product from the brand or retail websites. 

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The new Informed Sport app includes a robust product search that offers filtering. Users can filter their search results by regional availability, brand name, performance goal, product formulation, and product type. Users can share certified product pages with others via email, text message, or social media. This can be a useful tool for athletes who often consult with nutrition professionals before using supplements.  

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Paul Klinger, Business Development Director of the INFORMED brands, had this to say about the Informed Sport app, " We are excited to introduce the Informed Sport mobile app to athletes and supplement users around the world. Certified products are now more accessible by allowing users to search for supplements using their mobile devices. Not only can users scan the barcode to confirm a product is certified, but they can also easily search using many of the search filtering options. No matter their location in the world or their supplement needs, users can easily find certified products for them. This will be a key resource for anyone looking to use safer products to support their training or nutrition goals." 

Informed Sport app features include: 

  • Scan sports nutrition product barcodes to determine a product is Informed Sport certified. 
  • Confirm batch/lot numbers for a certified product. 
  • Search for product by name, batch/lot number, brand, or type. 
  • Filter search results by brand, regional availability, goal, or product type.
  • Share product details through email, text message, and social media. 

Established in 2008, Informed Sport has over 3,900 unique certified products that are sold in over 127 countries, all of which are accessible through the mobile app. Every batch of every certified product is tested before being sold and batch/lot numbers are listed on the app. LGC, the laboratory behind the Informed Sport programme, has over 55 years of anti-doping expertise and tests 22,000 samples annually. 

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