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Informed Sport Celebrates five Years With SDA

Informed Sport - SDA

Informed Sport is celebrating its five-year partnership with Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA). The exciting partnership began in 2015 to provide athletes and dietitians of Australia with educational information on the use of sports supplements and the possible risks associated with them. 

The relationship with SDA has helped Informed Sport extend its reach in the Australian market. In conjunction with SDA, Informed Sport hosted a one-day supplements summit in Melbourne in 2016. Informed Sport was also able to communicate the new Informed Sport branding and logo to SDA members in 2019.

As a part of the ongoing partnership, Informed Sport will continue to provide educational opportunities to SDA members, including the latest news, emerging threats and evidence-based tools dietitians can use to educate of athletes.

“SDA is an important partner for Informed Sport in Australia and an essential means of communicating the significant benefits of the programme to Australian sport and athletes,” said Terence O’Rorke, LGC’s Business Development Manager Asia-Pacific.

“Dieticians play a crucial role in the welfare of athletes and we take our responsibility of providing support on supplements safety very seriously. Australia is a key territory for Informed Sport and we look forward to further developing this relationship.”

The use of supplements has steadily increased worldwide, including in Australia. In 2019, the dietary supplement market in Australia was valued at AU$3.1 billion, an increase of 55% from five years prior.

With the increase usage comes a greater need for third-party testing of supplements and education.

Informed Sport, developed in 2008, is a global banned substance testing and certification program backed by LGC Science. It remains the only global banned substance testing program that tests every single batch of a product before it’s released to market.

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