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The Importance of Informed Sport Certification in Rugby

Informed Sport - Rugby World Cup

With the Rugby World Cup underway, it's crucial to highlight the significance of Informed Sport certification in the sport. The governing bodies of the England, Scotland, Wales, and Australia teams all recommend their players use supplements certified by Informed Sport due to their strict screening process for prohibited substances. In this blog post, we'll delve deeper into the importance of Informed Sport certification and how it benefits the athletes who use these products. 

What is Informed Sport Certification? 

Informed Sport certification is a global standard that independently screens sports supplements for prohibited substances in an accredited laboratory. Each batch of every certified product undergoes testing for 255+ banned substances using ISO 17025-accredited methods. This level of testing offers a significant advantage to athletes who use Informed Sport certified supplements as it ensures that they are not consuming any banned substances that could harm their health or lead to a failed drug test. 

The Importance of Informed Sport in Rugby 

Rugby is a physical sport that demands high levels of strength, stamina, and endurance from its players. Athletes need to take supplements to maintain their performance and recovery without compromising on their health or integrity. Informed Sport understands rugby's unique needs and offers tailor-made programs to support rugby players' requirements. The governing bodies of England, Scotland, Wales, and Australia teams strongly recommend their players use Informed Sport certified supplements to minimise the risk of consuming contaminated supplements that could lead to failed drug tests. 

How to Identify Informed Sport Certified Products 

Athletes can quickly identify an Informed Sport certified product by using the Informed Sport mobile app, which features a barcode scanner. A simple scan can bring up a product page, detailing the tested batches, and their results. The app is a helpful tool for athletes or anyone who requires a quick and easy way to check for supplements' certification status. 

Protection Under the WADA Code 

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code recognises that a contaminated supplement can lead to a failed drug test. Athletes can have their sanctions reduced if they can prove that their doping violation was due to a contaminated product – including food or supplements. By exercising caution (using third-party tested sports supplements) before using a supplement product, athletes can gain maximum protection under the WADA Code

Informed Sport certification is an essential aspect of ensuring athlete health and integrity. It is crucial to rugby players and sports supplement brands alike. Informed Sport offers reassurance to athletes and supplement brands that the products they use or manufacture have been robustly tested for banned substances, giving them peace of mind. The Informed Sport mobile app's certification lookup feature is a convenient tool for athletes or anyone in need of a quick way to check their supplement certification status. For supplement brands, being featured on the app gives you access to over 23,000 monthly users. Ultimately, Informed Sport certification plays a vital role in promoting safe, healthy, and fair play in sports.

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