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HumanN Announces Informed-Sport Certification for BeetElite® and Endurance Greens

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Austin, TX – April 1, 2019 - HumanN, an emerging leader in functional nutrition is proud to announce its Informed Sport certification, the global standard in sports nutrition quality control, on two of its best-selling products, BeetElite® and Endurance Greens.

Administered by the LGC Group, one of the world’s leading doping control organisations, Informed Sport certification demonstrates the highest level of commitment to quality assurance available in the industry today. Under the Informed Sport programme, every registered product lot is tested for prohibited substances and guaranteed to be free of more than 220+ prohibited substances recognised globally across North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan prior to the release and sale of that lot. Additionally, up to four blind retail sample screens are conducted per year to further ensure compliance. Both raw materials and supplement manufacturing facilities are required to be audited prior to being awarded the Informed Sport certification. HumanN BeetElite® and Endurance Greens have both been tested and verified to be free of banned performance-enhancing substances by this third-party testing company.

Both BeetElite® and Endurance Greens are formulated to help improve endurance and stamina, making them ideal choices for collegiate and professional sports teams, athletes, dietitians and nutritionists. In a recent, groundbreaking clinical trial, BeetElite® showed participants could recover faster and work out 18% longer. Endurance Greens is a certified USDA Organic daily formula packed with fruits and vegetables, clinically-studied KSM-66® Ashwagandha, and probiotics and prebiotic fiber. Endurance Greens helps boost stamina, improve sports performance, and promote mental focus & alertness.

The Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association (CPSDA), a national not for profit organisation leading the way in applied performance nutrition and advocating for the advancement of performance nutrition infrastructure, is proud to endorse HumanN in its endeavor to create safe, healthy and effective products. “Receiving the Informed Sport Certification for these two highly-used products is essential in demonstrating HumanN’s commitment to safe products that are free of banned substances, says Chelsea Burkart, President of CPSDA. “This allows athletes, parents, and coaches to have peace of mind in the products they are using. Our mission is to ensure people know exactly what they are putting in their bodies, which is especially important when using nutritional supplements. With the Informed Sport Certification, you can be assured the product has been thoroughly banned substance tested before it’s offered for sale.”

About HumanN:

HumanN is redefining how people think about nutrition and the human body. As an emerging leader in functional nutrition, HumanN’s science-backed products are used by over 1,400 medical professionals, 140+ collegiate and pro teams, and several Olympic athletes. To date, HumanN has completed ten clinical trials on their industry-leading functional foods in conjunction with world-class institutions such as the University of Texas, Cedars-Sinai, and University of Iowa. HumanN was also the recipient of the prestigious 2017 Science Award by the Nutrition Business Journal for its dedication to science-backed products and work to redefine how people think about nutrition and the human body.

About Informed Sport:

Informed  Sport is a quality assurance programme for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry and supplement manufacturing facilities. Created in 2008 with the support of anti-doping authorities, it certifies that every batch of a supplement bearing the Informed Sport logo has been pre-market tested for substance’s prohibited in sport by world-class anti-doping laboratory, LGC. The programme analyses more than 18,000 samples a year in its laboratories in the US and UK and has certified more than 950 sports nutrition products in 34 countries. Informed Sport is recognised by a growing number of professional sporting organisations, sports governing bodies and anti-doping associations for a robust risk-minimisation programme for athletes.

About Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association:

The Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association (CPSDA) is a member organisation that represents the vast majority of advanced practice registered dietitians in the United States who work full-time with athletes in colleges, professional sports, Olympic training centers, the U.S. Military and law enforcement. CPSDA leads the way in applied performance nutrition, advocates for the advancement of performance nutrition infrastructure, drives job growth and provides members with tools to support their full career development. For more information, visit

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