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Science in Sport - PLANT20


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Batch ID Flavour Sort descending Batch Expiration Test Date
ID F9176/F9177 Chocolate Mint 30 June 2021 27 June 2019
F9326 Chocolate, Chocolate Mint 30 November 2021 09 December 2019
F0024 Chocolate, Vanilla 31 January 2022 13 February 2020
ID F9205/F9206 Vanilla 31 July 2021 26 July 2019
ID F9231/F9232 Vanilla 31 August 2021 21 August 2019
ID F9247 Vanilla, Banana Fudge 30 September 2021 09 September 2019
ID F9176 Vanilla, Banana Fudge 30 June 2021 27 June 2019
Separator Angles White Gray
Separator Angles Gray Black