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Iron Vegan - Fermented L-Glutamine Informed Sport

Iron Vegan Fermented L-Glutamine

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Like all IRON VEGANTM supplements, FERMENTED L-GLUTAMINETM was designed with the most ingredient conscious athlete in mind. The glutamine is derived entirely from non-GMO vegan sources (beets and/or corn).


  • From non-GMO vegan sources

  • Fermented using bacterial cultures

  • Kosher and gluten free

  • Tested for banned substances


  • Supports the immune system following periods of physical stress

  • Assists in muscle cell repair after exercise



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Batch ID Flavour Batch Expiration Test Date Sort ascending
2137970 Unflavored 30 August 2023 13 September 2021
2137969 Unflavored 31 May 2023 25 June 2021
2035757 Unflavored 31 March 2023 21 April 2021
2035756 Unflavored 28 February 2023 11 March 2021
2034526 Unflavored 31 January 2022 11 February 2021
2033012 Unflavored 31 January 2022 25 November 2020
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