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The Global Impact of Informed Sport

Global Impact of Informed Sport

Through Informed Sport certification, sports nutrition brands can build consumer and athlete trust globally. 

With 71%¹ of consumers buying dietary supplements looking for a quality mark or seal when purchasing products, providing added quality assurance through third-party certification is more valuable than ever. Competitive athletes are also aware of the importance of certification, as a 2020 survey of US collegiate athletes revealing over 90% believed it was essential to know if a supplement was third-party tested.

Developed in 2008, Informed Sport is the only third-party global banned substance testing and certification programme that tests every single batch of a certified product prior to being sold. When an athlete sees the Informed Sport logo on a product, they can be assured it has been tested for more than 250 prohibited substances and manufactured to high quality standards. 

Informed Sport is recognised globally and continues to gain support of anti-doping organisations, sporting bodies and nutrition industry groups. We highlight below a few of the items that have helped shape the programme’s expanding impact and have contributed to its growth and recognition.

How many countries does Informed Sport have certified products in?

Informed Sport Global Reach


Informed Sport certified sports supplements are sold in more than 127 countries.  No matter where an athlete is located or where they’re traveling, they’re able to locate a certified product to meet their training needs. 

How many products are certified with Informed Sport? 

Number of Informed Sport Certified Products


There are currently 1200+ individual Informed Sport certified products (2,500 when including the flavour variants), with this number continuing to grow as top brands are choosing certification to demonstrate trust and reinforce their brand value to their customers. 

How many different brands have certified products?

Number of Informed Sport Certified Brands

There are more than 325 brands stemming from 40 countries with products on the Informed Sport programme. All brands with some or all of their product line tested are listed on our certified brands page. Simply click on the brand’s logo to be directed to their brand page with a listing of their products certified. 

How many samples are tested by LGC’s laboratories each year? 

Number of samples tested annually

LGC, the company behind Informed Sport, tests over 22,000 sports nutrition samples per year at its accredited laboratories in the UK and US. accredited laboratories   All testing methods for the Informed Sport programme are accredited to ISO 17025, a globally recognised standard relating to laboratories and test procedures. 

Who recognises or recommends Informed Sport?

Informed Sport international recognition

Informed Sport was developed in close collaboration with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) and works closely with a number of anti-doping bodies and organizations worldwide to provide education including the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations (iNADO), International Testing Agency and Sport Integrity Australia. 

Informed Sport was named an accepted quality certification by Amazon in the US in 2020. Product certification from Informed Sport fulfills one of the requirements listed by the retail platform to sell dietary supplements. 

More than 100 different sporting organisations, governing bodies and nutrition industry groups recognise Informed Sport including the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), The Football Association (the FA), IRONMAN, Collegiate and Professional Dietitians Association (CPSDA), Reebok Crossfit Games, Rugby Football Union and many more. These groups recognise the importance of third-party banned substance testing and the risk minimisation Informed Sport can provide. 

Many Informed Sport certified brands have utilised their certification to facilitate sponsorship with top professional clubs and teams around the globe, providing the athletes with the assurance of every-batch banned substance tested products. Some of these sponsorships include the Milwaukee Bucks, The All Blacks, Chelsea Football Club, EF Pro Cycling, 

A full listing of organizations can be found on the Informed Sport Global Recognition page.

Number of countries the Informed Sport mobile app has been downloaded in? 

Informed Sport Mobile App - Global Reach

The Informed Sport mobile app, available on iOS and Google Play, has been downloaded in more than 88 countries and allows users to quickly and easily find certified sports supplements and confirm batch testing information. All Informed Sport certified products are listed on the mobile app with tested batch information and products can be filtered by a number of criteria including regional availability. 

We Test. You Trust.

Sports nutrition brands worldwide have chosen Informed Sport certification to provide quality assurance to their customers and demonstrate trust. With consumers and athletes valuing third-party certification more than ever, the time is right to provide a competitive differentiation for your products and reinforce brand value through the Informed Sport certification.

Ready to elevate your brand with Informed Sport?  Fill out the form below to learn more about certification.

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